Stat Detail
Status Online
IP / URL mineverse.com
Website www.mineverse.com
Players 24 / 1000
Version Travertine 1.7.x
Country US



Message of the Day

PhanaticMC Network 1.7-1.14Factions Fall Season NOW OPEN!


Mineverse is a hub server that includes various gamemodes.

Currently we have 13 different servers:
KitPvP, OpPvP, Skywars, Blocks Vs. Zombies
Parkour, Creative, Skyblock, Factions, Survival
Infection, Skygrid, Survival Games , and Prison
Many more soon to come!

⥎ 24/7 Online Since February 2013.
⥐ Over 400k unique players joined.
⥎ Hosted across 7 dedicated servers.
⥐ 100GBs DDoS Protection.
⥎ Optimized to ensure little to no latency.
⥐ No whitelist, updated to 1.7.5.

Statistics coming soon!