Terms & Conditions of Service

Ranking & Voting

All servers may be voted on once per 24 hour period. You may only vote using this website directly, and the use of any automatic voters or programs is forbidden.

Selling or trading for votes using either real or in-game currency or items is forbidden.

Server Content & Removal

MinecraftSource reserves the right to remove any server at any time without notice, for any reason deemed reasonable by MinecraftSource operators. This includes:

  • Interfering or playing the voting system.
  • Unacceptable server info (inappropriate banners, names, descriptions etc.)
  • Failure to put a server name in Server Name field.
  • Unsightly (rapidly flashing, seemingly explicitly ugly) or inaccurate banners.
  • Failure to uphold uptime requirements stated below:

Server Uptime Requirements

MinecraftSource aims to list only quality servers by enforcing strict uptime requirements. Failure to meet all requirements will result in a server being removed:

  • Uptime of at least 60% overall (calculation starts after 1 week)
  • No downtime exceeding 48 uninterrupted hours
  • No excessive momentary drops/downtimes as reported by players
  • No excessive lag/ping as tested using geographically nearby networks

Sponsored Servers

While sponsored servers may be implemented in the future, MinecraftSource currently aims to only provide a means of finding the highest quality servers for your enjoyment.

Responsibility & Warranties

We are in no way responsible for any events, occurrences, actions, ideas, verbal or nonverbal, resulting from your use of data provided on this website.

We provide no warranty of any kind for any purpose, paid or unpaid, directly or indirectly.

All servers on this website are owned and operated independently of MinecraftSource.

Change of Terms

These terms may be altered at any time without notice.